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I am Sumit Jaitley. I was born on 25th July in a Brahmin family of Vats gotra in a small but beautiful town named Sonepat in the state of Haryana, India, one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Due to being born in the Brahmin dynasty, I got to see a unique atmosphere of devotion in the house from childhood. Right from my birth, I have seen that my family is devoted to Lord Parshuram, the complete brahmin warrior form of Supreme Lord Vishnu. My parents used to tell me that good things should always be followed.

Sumit Jaitely

What was my reaction on knowing about blogging work for the first time?

Until a few years back, I too was completely clueless about the work related to digital marketing. Like most other people in the world, I myself had the same thought that technical devices like mobile, computer or laptop can be used only for entertainment or to find a job.

If you do your own work with these technical devices, then only a few rupees can be earned by typing or printing out. When I heard about blogging for the first time, I was thinking like many of you that I was still unaware of this word. What work is this? Is this not an act by which people’s accounts are cleared through the Internet?

Who is our source of Inspiration?

Shri Amit Agarwal ji is the inspiration of my digital journey. It would not be an exaggeration to call him the backbone of Indian bloggers. From time to time, he keeps sharing technical information on his website and his YouTube channel, which proves beneficial for me as well as many people in the world. I still remember, in the year 2006, I saw Mr. Amit Agarwal’s interview for the first time on CNN IBN news channel. In that interview Mr. Amit Agarwal was talking about digital marketing especially blogging. In that interview he was explaining how he was making a lack of money by blogging, by working from his desired place like home or any public place.

How i started my first blog on blogspot { Google Blogger }

I used to type resumes on the computer in my spare time. Just like that one day there was a desire to know what is this digital marketing, how will money be made from it and what kind of thing is this blogging. The overwhelming will power made me eager to know more about blogging and earn money from it.

I was trying to see whether I can really earn some money through blogging, yes or not? Can this work actually earn monthly money for living or not? I told my parents that I am thinking of starting digital marketing work with this computer lying at home along with my current job. My parents told me that you have lost your mind, donkey; Are you shooting yourself in the foot? You will not get such a job easily again. 

After keeping calm for a few hours, they told me to open a cyber cafe, but beware if you start this blogging work from the computer and empty your bank balance. My father worked in a private factory and my mother who passed away on 18 May 2022 was a government teacher. I had decided; that I would definitely like to try this work once. For this reason, I created a free website on Google’s blogger platform, which is also known as Google Blogger.

How blogging changed my entire lifestyle?

After the fifth month passed in this work, I told my family members; I have started the blogging work mentioned in the TV interview. On his request, I reminded him about the interview of Shri Amit Agarwal. My mother who completed her worldly duty on 18-05-2022 and my old father told me that now you have robbed yourself and will rob us too.

I told them that someone has written to me on the site, very good, keep it up. My family members told me that whoever he or she is, wherever he or she is from, she or he has spoken correctly; It is rightly said because like us, he or she too has come to know that you are a donkey in human form with two eyes, two hands and two legs.

I also felt that I got trapped in the scam again because I had previously caused damage to my computer by using the internet. I was starting to get discouraged. A good day came in my life; I got an sms about depositing money in the bank. I earned some money in my bank account through the Snapdeal affiliate program. When I showed those few rupees and my bank statement to my parents, they were very happy. Then I also became fully convinced that money can be earned through digital marketing. 

Is online work fully safe or not?

As time is progressing, the number of people joining this work is also increasing in our country India. Where earlier there was less competition, now the competition is also increasing. If you are thinking that you will start earning money from day one or within a few months, then according to the present situation it is not correct. 

Now, many fraud apps and websites have also become active, promising you to earn lakhs of rupees in a short time through technology, which wastes both your time and money. It has become absolutely necessary for you to identify all the companies and institutions in this field by being fully alert.

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