Airline overhead bin usage divides internet

The overhead storage is not your coat closet.

That’s the message from one travel influencer couple, Matt and Hillary, whose TikTok account @hillnpoo has 42,000 followers.

They posted a video saying airline passengers should not put their clothing or jackets in the overhead luggage compartment — and it led to a high-flying debate.

In the video captioned: “Are we wrong for thinking jackets in the overhead is a crime?,” a voiceover says:

“If you plan to fly in 2023, please don’t be the people who fill up an entire overhead cabinet with your jackets. It’s an absolute waste of space. They could sit on your lap or most airlines have hooks.”

The etiquette post divided followers and garnered over 600 commenters and more than 240,000 views.

One dissenter wrote, “Considering that the crew staff asks you to put your jacket there, it doesn’t make any sense not to do it.”

This etiquette video divided travelers.
This etiquette video divided travelers.

Another chimed in, “Well that is not right exactly. I tried few times to keep it on my knees and flight attendant put it in overhead storage.”

But of course, many agreed with the influencers, including someone claiming to be a frequent flyer.

“As someone that used to travel over 200 days of the year — I’ve been on plenty of flights when the attendant says to not put coats in overhead bins,” the commenter wrote.

This influencer couple have said not to put your jackets in the overhead.
This influencer couple have said not to put your jackets in the overhead.

Another person, who said they were a flight attendant, agreed and posed a compromise that was popular in the comments section.

“Hi I am a flight attendant, I hate when passengers put their coats in the bin. Please hold until the luggage is in the bin, then shove your coat in.”

With summer travel season heating up, incidents of foul airline behavior are making news.

A young woman recently took to Reddit to complain about a flight in which a passenger had changed her baby’s poopy diaper on the tray table.

On a Frontier Airlines trip, a passenger allegedly struck a flight attendant with the intercom phone.

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