American tourist blasts fog of cannabis with ‘kush canon’ at Thai hotspot

Hotbox? This is a hot square.

An American tourist and cannabis entrepreneur gave bystanders a free whiff of his product at a popular tourist destination in Phuket, Thailand.

The man — who has not been precisely identified but appears to be an associate of the Kush Life brand — filled a fog machine-like device with cannabis on Bangla Walking Street in Potong Beach, which is well known for nightlife and cannabis dispensaries, at 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 18, according to the Phuket Provincial Police.

Local authorities learned about the incident from an Instagram post, where the American is seen releasing a blaze from his “kush cannon,” directed at passersby.

man using a "Kush canon"
An American tourist and cannabis entrepreneur gave bystanders a free whiff of his product at a popular tourist destination in Phuket, Thailand.
Phuket Provincial Police

Police officers found the herb enthusiast and reprimanded him, saying, “Such actions cannot be done in public.” He quickly apologized, and departed the country on Aug.19, according to Phuket Provincial Police’s Facebook post.

The suspect traveled to the South Asian nation on Aug. 15, ostensibly to promote the Kush Life brand alongside The Lavender Boys, a cannabis-inspired lifestyle clothing line. Thailand recently became the first country in Asia to legalize marijuana. Since then, dozens of cannabis dispensaries popped up on Bangla Walking Street.

man using "kush canon" on a crowded street
The American was seen blasting several faces with fog.
Fox News

Bangla Walking Street
Bangla Walking Street has become a popular tourist spot with the legalization of marijuana.
Fox News

The Post reached out to representatives from the brands, who declined to confirm their involvement.

However, there are still restrictions surrounding the substance, such as prohibiting users from smoking weed in public, according to the Washington Post.

Those who disobey the law can be charged under Thailand’s public nuisance law and could be punished with a fine of $780 or three months in jail. 

associates and Thai police pictured with the "kush canon"
Phuket Provincial Police found the American tourist and told him public smoking is not allowed.
Phuket Provincial Police

Other countries still consider marijuana a major offense and some Americans such as WNBA basketball player Britney Griner and Supermodel Gigi Hadid have faced unfortunate consequences due to their unawareness.

Griner was charged and sentenced to nine years for drug smuggling and possession in Russia but was released to US officials in Dec. 2022. Hadid was also arrested for marijuana possession while on vacation in the Cayman Islands on July 10 but was released on bail.

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