Best cheap hotels in London for 2023—around £100 per night

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If there’s one thing we understand at Frommer’s, it’s that for many travelers, being able to visit places affordably is the only way they can visit.

In 1957, Frommer exploded onto the publishing scene with the now iconic Europe for $5 a day, a blockbuster travel guidebook written for people of limited means. That $5 in 1957 would be worth more than $50 today, which would not be enough to cover the cost of travel now. But we still understand that most travelers aren’t made of money, and many people still have to stick to a low budget to experience expensive cities like London.

The following London budget hotels are clean, safe, and respectable, and all cost as little as £100 (about US$124 or CA$165) per night—sometimes even less. The competition charges many times that.

All our cheap hotels are located within an easy walk or tube ride of the attractions you visit in London, so high transport costs won’t be part of your costs either. You probably won’t see any interior design progress, you’ll find that spaces are tight (which is typical for London), and you may see some signs of normal wear and tear on your room.

But so what? With what you save on accommodation, you’ll have more money to spend on West End shows, tours, shopping, museums (here’s a list of freebies) and dining in one of the world’s best cities.

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