Charges loom for woman who dumped French bulldog at airport

Man’s best friend is still getting the cold shoulder from its owner. 

In the week since a 7-year-old French bulldog was found abandoned in an “unattended stroller” at the Pittsburgh International Airport, the hapless hound has yet to be returned home. 

And now, the desertion could come back to bite the pup’s vacation-happy master — an unidentified woman, who allegedly dumped him near the airport’s short-term parking lot — in the butt. 

“We are pursuing charges,” a spokesperson for the Allegheny County Police Department confirmed to The Post Friday.  

“We’re working in coordination with the state dog ward and humane officers, along with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s office,” continued the rep. “Initially, [we] were considering animal abandonment charges…but [we’re] keeping our options open.”

Should the woman be found guilty of animal abandonment, she could be hit with a $1,000 fine. 

“It’s an active investigation,” added the official, who could not confirm to The Post if authorities had made contact with the pet owner. 

A police officer with the abandoned French bulldog.
Representatives for the Allegheny County Police Department tell The Post that they plan to charge the neglectful pet master.
Allegheny County Police Department

On Aug. 4, the woman was preparing to catch a flight to a vacation destination with the Frenchie, when airline staffers informed her that she could not board the animal without a crate. 

Like a dog chasing its tail, the owner allegedly tried begging airport attendees to issue her a boarding pass that would falsely label her four-legged friend an emotional support pet — granting him crate-free access onto the plane.

However, the lady soon learned she was barking up the wrong tree when employees refused to comply. 

So, rather than forgoing her ticket to paradise, the woman apparently left the pooch to fend for himself. 

After discovering the ditched doggy at 5:30 a.m., police unsuccessfully attempted to connect with his owner via the contact information that had been upload to the animal’s chip. 

The Frenchie was ultimately transported to the Animal Friends shelter, where he will remain until he’s placed in a foster home, per a statement from the organization obtained by The Post. 

And lucky for the tail-wagger, animal lovers from all over are clawing at the chance to give him a home. 

Stock image of a woman reading a book on the beach.
The unidentified woman was said to have left the dog in a parking lot while she hopped a plane to a vacation destination.
Getty Images

Walking French Bulldog.
Online, a wave of social media users tweeted their desires to house the discarded dog.
Getty Images

“We have been inundated with caring people in our community, and across the nation, who upon hearing about this case have offered to adopt this little dog,” read the statement. 

Wannabe adoptive pet parents have, too, taken to X, expressing interest in adding the jilted Frenchie — whose kind was dubbed the “most Instagramable” breed in March — to their families. 

“I would love to adopt this pup,” one woman tweeted. 

“Give him to a deserving person who will give him the love he deserves,” another X user growled. 

“My wife and I have another 2 Frenchies and we would love to adopt,” said an experienced doggy daddy.

And while Animal Friends appreciates the kind offers, the shelter is committed to overseeing the dog’s well-being amid the abandonment investigation.  

The French bulldog sitting in an unattended stroller, when police found him near an airport parking lot.
Animal Friends issued a statement, revealing that it has never before cared for a dog involved in a suspected abandonment case.
WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

“We are grateful for the interest and compassion,” noted the release, adding that this is the first time the shelter has cared for a presumably abandoned puppy. 

“But for or now,” it continued, “we are focused on moving this case forward and ensuring the dog receives the justice he deserves.”

Spokespeople for Animal Friends did not immediately respond to The Post’s inquiry about the dog’s name or his current demeanor. 

“The outcome of the case will determine his next steps and his final home,” according to the statement.

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