Deepika Padukone embarks on a new journey with Qatar Airways!

After becoming a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton and launching her beauty brand, Deepika Padukone added another subtitle to her current glamorous look by announcing the news that she had become a global brand ambassador for Qatar Airways.

From wearing the Louis Vuitton global brand ambassador crown, opening the FIFA trophy to foraying into the world of beauty with the utmost grace, icon Deepika Padukone is on her way to carve out a noteworthy niche for herself on a global level, and her recent accomplishments are ample evidence of the same. And it doesn’t seem to stop there, adding its face value to yet another global brand, Queen-D has been enlisted as Qatar Airways’ global brand ambassador.

The brand is launching a new premium campaign featuring the actor, and the campaign is the culmination of the airline’s efforts to reimagine the Qatar Airways premium experience, in particular by showcasing the world-class Qsuite along with the unrivaled orchard surroundings, which are key to the expansion of Hamad International Airport.

Qatar Airways announces Deepika Padukone as its first global brand ambassador.

The ace actor breaks the news via his social media account and it takes less than a second for something to go viral when it appears on the diva’s gram feed. Known as an award-winning airline, this is by far the first time a face has been chosen as an airline brand ambassador, and who better than Deepika Padukone to break the monotony, right? The timeless acoustic track “Ain’t Nobody” accompanies a promotional video that links Padukone’s journey with Qatar Airways to a new level of luxury and elegance. It encapsulates the first-class experience available to Qatar Airways customers transiting through the world’s best airport, Hamad International Airport.

In addition, expressing his admiration, Qatar Airways Group CEO Mr. Akbar Al Baker said: “At Qatar Airways, we constantly strive for excellence. This collaboration brings together sophistication and sophistication, and Deepika perfectly demonstrates how Qatar Airways offers its customers an award-winning premium experience both in the sky and on the ground. Deepika is an obvious choice as she has the right global appeal and charisma for our brand. We are truly delighted to have Deepika aboard Qatar Airways as our Global Brand Ambassador!”

Featured Image: Courtesy of Deepikapadukone/IG Featured Image: Courtesy of Qatar Airways

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