Eight lakh K culture enthusiasts come to Korea Fair 2022 in Chennai

19-year-old Abby, Saloni and Darshini’s eyes lit up as they swayed to catchy K-pop numbers at the Express Avenue Mall last week. Not only K-Pop, Korean culture, cosmetics and beauty products have also struck a chord with Indian audiences, whose resonance is deeply felt. But what drives this passion? Speaking of K-culture, Saloni said, “Korea is an emotion, Korean food is delicious, and K-pop bands like BTS preach ‘self-love,’ which is motivating, uplifting, and creates a strong bond.”

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Korea Fair in India 2022 (KFI), held November 17-20, was all about vibrant K-Pop music, delicious Korean food, Korean beauty and wellness stalls, information desks and other consumer goods. Large crowds flocked to the event organized by the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chennai. The theme of the fair was Korean Wave: Made in Korea, Loved in India.

More than 20 B2B booths showcased K-Consumer products ranging from groceries, cosmetics, jewelry, posters, electronics and wellness products, as well as several game booths. The public was also encouraged to participate in the games, quizzes and roulette and win prizes. The large selection of food and skin products was also available to try and test.

Kamaleshan F, Deputy Manager of KOTRA said, “The Korea Fair aimed to improve business for the emerging importers and to encourage other Korean importers. The event saw an attendance of eight lakh people on the second day and six and a half lakh people on the third day.”

14-year-old Anayra attended the event with her mother, Tarana. “I will visit Korea for my summer vacation next year. It’s my dream destination. ”

The teen’s mother gushed about her daughter’s love for Korean ramen, bibimbap, kimbap and kimchi. “She answers calls with a Korean greeting and even learned to cook Korean food on YouTube,” she added.

An all-girl dance group LDC opened the event with a powerful dance performance. The girls grooved to popular K-pop tunes that had the audience hooting, cheering and breaking out in sporadic jigs. Sruthi, Rhea, Ananyaa, Aradhana and Jay came together in a flash mob at the Express Avenue mall in 2017. Rhea said: “Every year a K-pop competition is held in India. This is how LDC was formed. We went to Delhi to represent Chennai at the competition.”

“The energy of K-Pop comes from the idols themselves and their passion for dancing. It inspires us to dance and dream. In the West, people connect with lyrics, but K-pop idols are interactive, so we feel closer to them,” Aradhana said.

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