Experts say airfares are dropping this fall—how to save on fall air travel

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Good news for air travel has been hard to come by this summer, with cancellations, delays, lost luggage and rising ticket prices.

Unfortunately, we can’t promise that things will improve before the kids go back to school, but we can give you a reason to look forward to fall: Travel analysts expect airline ticket prices to drop significantly in the coming weeks.

as As reported by ABC NewsData from booking app Hopper, which forecasts airfare changes, suggests that the average cost of domestic round-trip flights in the US could drop below $300 ($298 to be exact) by mid-September.

That’s a pitiful relief from the peak in May, when the average was $404. (Consult Hopper’s Price Tracker (To remind you of all the ups and downs, and more ups and downs in airfare from 2019.)

as The Wall Street Journal indicates, airline prices typically drop after the busy summer travel season ends, but are typically somewhere around 10% to 15% lower than summer fares. The forecast for this decline, however, is a 26% drop from the summer high—and the decline could have been even greater if airlines hadn’t had to contend with staff shortages and rising fuel costs. (Also, even with the fall, fall rents are still higher than in 2019.)

Experts say international flight prices this fall will be about 25% lower than in the summer months, with many round-trip flights from the U.S. to Europe falling below $500 again, according to ABC News.

Keep in mind, however, that falling prices don’t necessarily signal the end of air travel woes. Understaffing remains a problem. And don’t expect to find additional flight options as well Airlines cut routes And Airport cap flight So that chaos comes under control.

To find the lowest prices on flights this fall, many of Frommer’s suggestions from earlier this year still hold true: book as far in advance as possible (at least a month if possible), consider rearranging your travel dates, avoid smaller airports, and Avelo Airlines, Be sure to check out what’s available from upstart international carriers like Breeze Airways, Play, and Norse Atlantic Airways.

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