Former airline employee reveals what you should never do when flying

A former airline staffer revealed one of her top tips to never do when flying is to pick the shortest layover.

While inexperienced travelers may think the smartest option is to make their journey as short as possible, Megan Homme warned she will pick the longer option every time.

“If you have the option between a 45 minute layover and two hour layover, pick the two hours,” she said in a recently resurfaced TikTok video.

Megan Homme.
Megan Homme became popular on TikTok by sharing insights into her job and travel tips.
Megan Homme/Instagram

Frequent travelers showed their support in the comments, with many sharing they had to learn the hard way.

“I will NEVER do a layover that is less than an hour,” one woman said. “Last time I did a 40 minute layover in O’Hare [Chicago O’Hare International Airport] I was SPRINTING across the airport bc [because] the plane took 30 minutes to de-board.”

“So many people love short layovers. But you have no wiggle room,” added another.

Meghan Homme.
Homme said she will pick the longer layover every time.

Megan Homme.
She explained that it is pretty common for a flight to get delayed.

“Once thought 1 hour was a good enough layover … I was wrong. Never again!” wrote a third.

Homme explained in a second video why she would never do it herself.

“It’s pretty common for a flight to get delayed say 15-20 minutes. If you book a 45 minute layover and your first flight gets delayed at all, you’re probably not going to make it [to your next flight],” she said.

“And don’t necessarily think, ‘Oh, I’ll just get on the next flight’, because that flight might be full.”

Homme told a traveler asking if a 1 hour, 40 minute layover was okay that that the time was “ideal.”

Homme previously worked for United Airlines in social media and then talent acquisition.

Meghan Homme.
Homme warned against relying on the next flight out if you miss your connection.

She said the job helped her travel to more than 20 countries.

The Chicago woman became popular on TikTok by sharing insights into her job and travel tips.

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