Here’s how to save hundreds on vacation with a simple exchange

HOLIDAYMAKERS has advised you how to save hundreds on overseas travel with a simple exchange.

British people can save on overseas travel costs if they carefully consider where to go during Easter or summer, according to a new study.

Post Office reveals how 'resort exchange' could save hundreds of Britons on holiday


Post Office reveals how ‘resort exchange’ could save hundreds of Britons on holiday1 credit

Simple “resort swaps” allow tourists to take advantage of the pound sterling against certain currencies, meaning the exchange rate gives you better value for money.

This trick will help you avoid hidden price increases for goods such as food and drink in places that you might consider budget.

Ed Dutton of Post Office Travel Money said: “A bargain package price doesn’t always mean a cheap holiday and can easily turn out to be a costly mistake if food and drink prices are high.

“The art of getting good deals is to take into account all the elements of your holiday. There is a huge difference in the cost of food, drinks and other essential travel products, so changing destinations can save you hundreds of pounds a week.

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Holiday Packages usually only include flights and accommodation, but vacation purchases can cost a lot of money.

A study by the Post Office found that Britons budgeted an average of £344 for spending more than the cost of a package on their last holiday.

However, 70% even managed to overspend the extra stock by an average of £132.

The recent slide against the euro and the US dollar amid spiraling inflation has ruled out more traditional summer destinations like Spain or the Caribbean.

However, the strengthening of the pound sterling against the Egyptian pound or the Sri Lankan rupee has opened up new travel opportunities to more exotic destinations while keeping the budget on track.

Mr Dutton added: “Be flexible in your holiday thinking.

“A bargain is still possible if you do your homework.”

He explained that visitors to Egypt will have £210 more local currency when exchanging £500 compared to the same period last year.

Meanwhile, prices fell in similar directions, creating the perfect storm for vacationers.

The researchers compare prices for an average three-course meal, including a bottle of wine, a cup of coffee, a beer, a soft drink, and a bottle of mineral water.

The numbers have shown how changing resorts can save you money, even with regions.

For example, in the Middle East, a meal will cost £121 at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai compared to £53 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Similarly, in Europe, the Portuguese Algarve outsells the more popular Costa del Sol, Spain, by £45.06 compared to £57.11.

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