How will this affect Christmas travel?

In addition, 600 military personnel and a group of civilian employees were transferred to the reserve to cover the striking workers.

It is worth noting that the extent of disruptions is likely to vary from day to day. Data from data analytics firm Cirium predicts Heathrow’s arrivals will peak on the first day of the strike. The busiest days in Gatwick will be 23 and 30 December, while the busiest in Manchester is Boxing Day.

Will my flight be cancelled?

There is a possibility that some flights may be reduced to prevent huge delays at the border. The Telegraph reported that airports and airlines “prepared to cancel up to 20% of flights depending on how effectively the military can take control.” However, so far on Friday morning only one flight from Heathrow – to Amsterdam – has fallen by the wayside.

Manchester Airport has previously predicted flight cancellations, but so far there have been few and only one flight – to Oslo – was canceled on Friday morning.

A spokesman said: “We expect airlines to be required to cancel some flights on strike-affected days to keep passenger arrivals in line with the reduced resources of the UK Border Force.

“We will work with our airlines to provide passengers with as much advance notice as possible about flight cancellations so that people have the opportunity to rebook their travel on strike days.

“Arriving passengers also need to be prepared for much longer immigration lines on strike days due to the downsizing of border troops.”

Ahead of the strikes, Gatwick took a more positive tone: “We expect flights to operate as normal and we will be in regular contact with Border Patrol about their mitigation plans.

“Additional airport staff will also be available to assist passengers on strike days.”

Even if their flights go ahead, passengers can expect long queues that have defined the post-pandemic airport experience for many. A spokesman for Heathrow said: “The Home Office says immigration and customs checks may take longer during peak hours on strike days.

“Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight with the airline before traveling. We call on all parties to quickly resolve this dispute.”

Consumer supervision What? urged airlines to keep passengers informed of any changes to their flights. Travel editor Guy Hobbs said: “Border strikes will be a huge worry for travelers and thousands of people are now worried about whether their Christmas plans could be left in shambles if flights are canceled as a result.

“Affected airlines must work quickly to inform passengers of any possible changes to their bookings due to the strike, and must not neglect their legal responsibility to offer travelers refunds or rebooking options, including with other airlines if necessary.”

Tips on what to do if your flight is canceled can be found here.

Will upcoming rail strikes affect my holiday travel plans?

A series of railroad strikes could also ruin holiday travel plans. Nationwide RMT strikes are due to take place on Christmas Eve and will last until December 27th. Although trains do not usually run on Christmas Day and there are few flights on Boxing Day, there are likely to be massive disruptions in the coming days. Passengers should also be aware that in the days after the strike, the schedule will operate at approximately 60 percent of normal.

Those heading across the Channel for the holidays should also be aware of upcoming Eurostar security strikes. The RMT union members will leave on December 22 and 23, which could mean huge queues and service cancellations.

For more information about the strike see here

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