I stayed in the Magnolia “Shotgun House”, Waco Texas

I stayed in Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Shotgun House in Waco, Texas!

My entire week in Texas was built around our one night in Waco, fan-girling at Magnolia Marketplace and staying in one of the homes that featured on Fixer Upper!

In case you live under a home decor rock, Magnolia is the name of the company owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines who made their names as the stars of Fixer Upper, a show about flipping the worst houses in the best streets in Waco.

Megan in front of Shotgun House
Do you remember this cute little house?

This local Waco couple now run an enormous empire, after such a successful series of TV shows. They have stores, cafes, a restaurant – and Magnolia Market which is built around two enormous old silos that have been preserved here in downtown Waco.

Chip is the builder, a bit of a goof, and nothing is too much trouble as his wife Joanna does her industrial-chic, country house interior design work. I love it! 

Inside the Shotgun House kitchen/llounge
Inside the Shotgun House kitchen/llounge

The premise of the show is to take a client to three run-down properties in and around Waco (and now having driven around Waco, there is no shortage of run down properties still to be fixed up!)

They choose one of the three and Joanna goes to work with the design (and Chip the demolition) which she presents to them in 3D, usually from a garden table at their own farmhouse just outside Waco.

shotgun house kitchen view
The vaulted ceiling and kitchen/lounge of the Shotgun House

I am addicted to the series, and when they left HBO to start their own Magnolia Network, international fans lamented as they lost all ability to follow the Gaines’s and their exploits.

Annoyingly, the Magnolia Network website (which covers their stores, restaurants and BnB, as well as everything related to the TV series – which now includes Joanna’s cooking shows and recipes) is blocked for international readers and fans. Clearly someone at the network doesn’t think much of their international fans, and certainly doesn’t expect them to ever want to visit in real life! Ahem.

I’ve emailed more than once and was told it’s due to the license agreement with Magnolia Network – Chip and Joanna Gaines’ own TV network. But don’t worry dear international reader, as at the travel conference I’ve just attended in San Antonio, I met with Waco Tourism and pointed out this catastrophe and was assured he will get the Magnolia marketing team on to it!

But because of this, I could not get online to find accommodation in Chip and Joanna’s own BnB without using a VPN and pretending I was located in the US. 

Not one to give up easily, I then scoured hotels and AirBnBs for accommodation near Magnolia Marketplace in downtown Waco and found the Shotgun House, still owned by the OGs.

Parking at the Shotgun House
Parking is through the gates on the side of the house

How to stay at the Shotgun House – and other places in Waco

The reason my week in Texas pivoted around one night in Waco was for the accommodation. The Shotgun House is available for rent on Air BnB. Chip and Joanna fixed this house up in season three and happily for fans, it’s available to stay in for $325 a night.

shotgun house waco

Owned by Cameron and Jessie Bell, the original owners who paid $10,000 for it and spent $100,000 on the renovations, now have a property worth nearly $1 million.

This house is two levels, and if you’re a fan you’ll remember they added a pulley system ladder to access the mezzanine floor. The ladder stays permanently down, which means one has to shimmy between it and the fridge to access the bedroom and bathroom.

Megan in the Shotgun House
The shimmy between ladder and bedroom at the Shotgun House

Upstairs is just a couch (which looks like it folds out in to a bed) and a side table, but the steps are steep so there’s no way I’d want to sleep up here and have to find the loo in the night!

The kitchen/living room is still pretty much set up the way Joanna left it. Cute bowls and plates were laid out on the bench and the kitchen has all the cooking utensils if you wanted to cook. But who wants to cook on vacation?!

Behind the steps is the bedroom with a queen size bed and a huge oversized mirror leaning against one wall. The air con system in the window was noisy – and I don’t think original to Chip and Joanna’s design. But as the house has floor vents for air conditioning, we switched it off and just used the main house air. 

Shotgun House bedroom
Shotgun House bedroom

Behind the bedroom is the side entrance from the driveway with a laundry – which is super convenient for travelers. Then the sweet bathroom with French country floor tiles, twin basins in the concrete vanity top and a massive oversized shower. I shaved my legs in Jo’s shower on the seat she’d designed!

The front porch has an eternal gas flame lamp burning and two chairs, but if you sit out here – facing a block of apartments, you’re going to photographed by folks in the tour bus which goes past Chip and Joanna’s houses!

Shotgun House bathroom
Double basins and amazing shower

The Shotgun house is located about three blocks from Magnolia Market, but we had a car so we drove. Be warned, parking is busy, but there is also no sidewalks around the streets, so it’s probably best to drive and circle around a couple of times until a park becomes free.

Guests who've stayed at the Shotgun House
The guest book!

Other places to stay near the Silos

Downtown Estate is a cute cottage which sleeps up to 8 and walking distance to the Silos. It’s not done up by Chip and Joanna, but looks like it!

More places coming to this list of hotels and BnBs within walking distance of Magnolia Marketplace at the Silos.

Other things to do and see in Texas

We spent a nice night in Galveston to check out this cruise port town and was so surprised to find some great things to do, places to eat and shop, that I’d recommend spending a couple of nights here before you sail out.

We like Houston for a stopover, with all the museums, galleries, baseball and open spaces to enjoy. Not to mention the space center!

But if you arrive in Houston on a Monday, you might be wondering what to do! This post has you covered.

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