I’m a flight attendant, don’t wear this if you want a seat upgrade

You can’t land first-class seating with cattle-class couture.

If flyers want to be invited up front, then they’d apparently better dress the part. An ex-flight attendant made waves after naming clothing items people should “avoid” wearing if they want a complimentary first-class upgrade — with flip flops and leggings topping the list of no-nos.

Former stewardess Celina Bedding listed these sartorial taboos while advising travelers on how to increase their chances of landing a seat near the nose.

She told Express that those seeking complimentary upgrades should “dress smarter” as flight attendants “will look for people who they understand won’t disturb the other passengers that actually paid for those expensive seats.”

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean getting gussied up like you’re going to a dinner ball.

According to Bedding, it would behoove prospective first-class flyers to don smart “casual work or business attire” such as a blazer and jeans.

A stock image of a woman in sandals.
Open-toed shoes are a definite no-no, per Bedding.
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The inflight fashionista declared that “long dresses always look nice” while traveling during the hot summer months.

But don’t get too informal either.

Bedding said that you should never wear those ever-popular “leggings” or sweatpants as these are too casual, and will therefore likely torpedo one’s chances of riding up front for free.

In other words, Bedding’s putting zipperless pants on “no-fly” list.

As for verboten footwear, the flight attendant-cum-fashion policer claims that open-toed shoes and sandals should be avoided at all costs.

A woman drinks water on a plane.
Sweatpants and leggings can torpedo one’s chances of flying up front, according to Bedding.
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Interestingly, this sartorial blacklist might seem like a catch-22 considering that the aforementioned easy-to-slip-off footwear is often perceived as optimal for expediting the security screening process.

Although increasingly, flight experts are warning that donning flip flops for air travel is both unsanitary and dangerous.

In general, flight attendants agree that one should dress (first) classy without going overboard.

“For an upgrade, it’s all about looking the part. Smart but understated,” an unnamed flight attendant told Who What Wear in 2018. “You should look like you travel often. But don’t be dripping in designer clothing.”

A pajama-clad woman relaxes in first class.
Bedding advises prospective first-class flyers to dress in smart casual attire.
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This advice may seem overzealous, but “someone who is potentially due to get an upgrade can be knocked back if they aren’t dressed suitably,” the aforementioned source stated.

Stocking up on flight freebies is especially paramount given that ticket prices continue to outpace 40-year-high inflation, despite the airline industry receiving $50 billion in pandemic relief over the past two years.

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