I’m a flight attendant — this luggage tag mistake is a major safety risk

A major travel no-no.

Ally Rae Case, a flight attendant who goes by @allycase1 on TikTok, posted a clip advising travelers of a common luggage tag mistake most people make.

In the resurfaced 45-second clip, she explains revealing your luggage tag information out in the open can be very dangerous. Instead, she suggested travelers flip their luggage tag paper on the other side to hide their contact information.

“I have a tip for you. Always make sure your luggage tag has the contact information facing the other side,” she says in the clip with nearly 59,000 views.

Case mentioned how this common mistake often happens, where people expose their home address, email and cellphone number.

“That’s way too much information for just anyone to have.”

The Post reached out to Case for comment.

She reassured travelers who are fearful of losing their luggage that they do not worry because “whoever finds your bag is going to take out the piece of paper and flip it to the other side to get your contact information.”

Ally Rae Case, a flight attendant who goes by @allycase1 on TikTok
Ally Rae Case, a flight attendant who goes by @allycase1 on TikTok, revealed a safety travel hack.

The travel hack can be applied when traveling through the airport or commuting on public transit.

“I ride the train a lot and there are a lot of crazies on there,” she admits. “I don’t need my information, just there for everyone to see.”

luggage tag hack
She recommends flipping the paper inside the luggage tag to the opposite side to hide personal information.

A few jetsetters commented underneath the travel hack video sharing their suggestions.

“I’d write an arrow or FLIP on it just in case whoever finds it thinks its blank,” recommended one traveler.

“Mine says ‘open for contact info’ and it is located inside!” another chimed in.

One watcher disagreed with flipping your luggage tag to the opposite side.

“Really? After seeing a blank tag, they’re going to reach in pull out the paper? Seems unlikely.”

luggage tag
Case says revealing personal information on the tags is a common thing she sees often.
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However, people quickly offered solutions to the nay-sayers concern.

“You could write ‘see other side” if you’re unsure,’ added a helpful jetsetter. “Just use a sharpie so it bleeds through the paper enough to tell there is writing on the other side.”

Meanwhile, some travelers have completely eliminated luggage pieces from their travel journey, resorting to fishing gear vests stuffed with their trip essentials.

“Great travel hack for budget airlines and early check-ins,” creator Natasha Hunt-Stanley said, adding it’s helped her “get around those high [baggage] charges.”

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