I’m a real-life Cinderella — a stranger found my shoe, he may be my dream man

“Bibbidi-Bobbidi” shoe!

Jess Tawil, a Lebanese-American influencer based out of New York and New Jersey, was distraught to discover that she had lost her sandal while traveling in Lebanon earlier this month.

But while she’s missing her footwear, she may have a Prince Charming waiting for her.

In a TikTok that has since racked up 1.4 million views, Tawil describes losing her shoe in the city of Baalbek, before it was found by a gallant stranger.

“POV: you live a real-life Cinderella story in Lebanon,” the clip reads.

Tawil, who is paralyzed from the waist down, was unable to feel the shoe slide off her foot but suspected she had lost it during her travels.

Tawil decided to leverage the power of social media — where she has 177,000 followers on Instagram and 2.3 million on TikTok — on the advice of her family, in the hopes of finding her missing pink, studded sandal.

Jess Tawil narrates her Cinderella story in her viral TikTok.
Real-life Cinderella Jess Tawil lost her slipper while traveling in Baalbek, Lebanon, earlier this month.

Tawil's sandal is pictured, a pale pink Valentino flip flop with a bow at the front, studded with tiny metal spikes.
Tawil was heartbroken to discover that the shoe was missing, which she hadn’t noticed earlier because she is paralyzed from the waist down.

Within minutes of posting an Instagram story about the stray slipper — Valentino, not glass — Tawil received a reply from a stranger saying he would scour the city.

“This guy goes, ‘You’re in my hometown, this is where I live. Tell me where you were exactly, and I will go right now,’ ” Tawil recounted.

It wasn’t long before the unidentified Prince Charming found this real-life Cinderella’s shoe.

It’s unclear if they had their “meet cute” yet, but Tawil shared a clip of a video call she had with her shoe hero.

The stranger who recovered Tawil's flip flop, an unidentified bearded man, sent her a video asking "Now where am I supposed to put it for you?"
Wielding the power of Instagram, Tawil’s lost slipper was recovered shortly.

The Post reached out to Tawil for comment.

While Tawil was delighted to see the sandal recovered, her followers were just as enthused.

” ‘And that is how I met your father’ kind of vibes,” one user commented. A more pragmatic viewer wrote: “I’m just glad we secured the Valentinos.”

“There isn’t a single soul on this planet that can tell me that I’m not Cinderella,” Tawil laughed.

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