I’m a travel genius — here’s the one thing to Google before vacations

A perfect vacation is only five words away.

A self-proclaimed “travel genius” has shared her tricks to getting the most out of visiting foreign cities — and all it takes is typing a five-word sentence into a search engine.

“I am a travel genius, steal this idea from me,” TikTok creator Anna Paul urged her followers in a TikTok clip posted in May.

“When you go to a new city, look up ‘unique things to book in’ and then type the name of the city and just book a bunch of things,” the 24-year-old continued.

“When you go to a city, you might think, ‘Oh, I’ll see the landmarks — it’ll be amazing.’ You never think the tiny, little activities you book end up being the whole highlight of your trip,” she added.

Paul used a trip to Paris with her boyfriend Glenn as a perfect example of when the search phrase enhanced their trip and helped create a memory they’ll have forever — most notably recalling how they made baguettes and croissants from scratch in the basement of a tiny bakery.

Couple hugging in front of castle.
Anna Paul and her boyfriend Glenn love traveling and sharing tips on how to have the best experience.
Anna Paul / Instagram

The avid traveler said they used the hack to find a bakery that teaches guests how to make their own pastries — and they even stumbled on a perfume-making class. 

“You don’t think back on the Eiffel Tower, you think, ‘Remember when we made that baguette? Why was it the best baguette I’ve ever had in my life?’” she pointed out. “That is what makes trips so fun.”

Paul added that unique activities can sometimes inspire other excursions, noting that their bakery adventure led to a picnic during which they wandered for two hours to find the perfect spot and stumbled across many tiny French bookstores and little chocolate stores they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Brunette woman selfie.
She says using a five-word phrase can change your trip.
Anna Paul / Instagram

Couple in water near boat.
She said booking unique activities has become the highlight of her trips.
Anna Paul / Instagram

“This is another tip: When you go to a new city, walk everywhere. Don’t Uber — walk,” she urged. “Trust me, you will explore the city in such a different way.

“Look up unique activities to book,” she encouraged. “It will make your trip a thousand times more insane.”


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