Jaipur Metro: A Guide to the Pink City’s Rapid Transit System

I love traveling by the metro train in any city where I can. Chhavi and I have been visiting Jaipur frequently for her tennis tournaments. We stay at Ibis Jaipur which is right next to the civil lines metro station. I now regularly use the Jaipur Metro, particularly to go to the old city as I can avoid all the traffic. We also use it frequently to come and go from the Jaipur Railway Station.

Jaipur Metro has One Line

Civil Lines Metro Station on Jaipur Metro at sunset
Jaipur Metro: A Guide to the Pink City’s Rapid Transit System 7

As Jaipur Metro has just one line, it is really easy to use. The line runs from Mansarovar to Badi Choupar. There are 10 stations in all between these two ends. I have used it frequently between Civil Lines and Badi Choupar. Jaipur Metro train has 4 coaches and the wait time usually is around 5 minutes.

Less Crowded

Girls taking selfie at Jaipur Metro

I have used the Jaipur metro all hours, morning, noon, evening and night. If I compare it to Delhi or London Metro, the peak hours in Jaipur Metro are a breeze. All of us have a tendency to stand where the lift or the stairs bring us. I just walk a little away towards the beginning or the end of the train and usually find seats at any time.

Using the Metro Card

Jaipur Metro Cards

I bought the Jaipur Metro Cards the first time I used the train. I still have them. I top them up when the money starts to run low. You can top up the card at any metro station. It is convenient and works for me.

Going to the Old City

Old City, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Jaipur Metro: A Guide to the Pink City’s Rapid Transit System 8

The traffic around the old city is usually a nightmare in Jaipur. But the metro takes us right to the heart of the city. Get down at the Choti Choupar for City Palace and Jantar mantar. Get down at the Bari Choupar for Hawa Mahal. From Civil Lines it takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach these areas. And then we enjoy walking around the monuments and the local markets.

Going to the Railway Station

Civil Lines Metro Station Jaipur
Jaipur Metro: A Guide to the Pink City’s Rapid Transit System 9

From Civil Lines, Railway Station is just one stop away! I walk up with my luggage to the Railway Station use the lift, board the metro and get down at the Civil Lines Metro Station. From there I can easily walk to the Ibis Hotel. I repeat the same to go back to the Railway Station and take the train home. I love this because I don’t have to deal with a single auto driver in getting around the town for some areas!


Jaipur Metro Rail
Jaipur Metro: A Guide to the Pink City’s Rapid Transit System 10

As a tourist I love Jaipur Metro. It takes me to the right places with comfort. It is good for the environment too. When I first used the Jaipur Metro I read that Chandpol was the nearest station to the tourist attractions. That is no longer true. Choti Choupar and Badi Choupar are closer to City Palace, Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal. I have not explored that part of Jaipur that goes from Civil Lines to Mansarovar. One day, I will simply hop on the metro and see what it has to offer!

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