Jane McDonald shares ‘fabulous’ holiday destination she ‘loves’ – ‘get here quick’

As part of Channel 5’s Holidaying with Jane McDonald and Friends, Jane headed off on an exciting adventure to Cuba. The travel expert was quickly “smitten” with the Central American island country.

Jane started her trip in Cuba’s capital city, Havana, and said she was already loving the country just 24 hours in.

The travel expert told viewers: “No other city beats to a rhythm like Havana. Get here quick while it’s still got its sass!”

Jane explained her first impressions of Cuba, saying it had “a hint of Spain and the heat of the Caribbean”.

Cuba is a former Spanish colony and Cuban Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the country.

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Jane told viewers: “Half of Cuba looks like it needs finishing. Some of it is absolutely all finished and it’s magnificent and fabulous, and then next door you think it’s run out of money.”

The ex-cruise ship singer was serenaded by a busker as she browsed one of Havana’s local markets.

She shared a quirky packing tip with viewers as she shopped, saying: “Don’t forget, I know I’ve said this before but when you go on your holidays, don’t bother getting a hat because they never look right when you’ve packed them anyway. Just buy another one when you get there. They’re not that expensive.”

Jane quickly purchased a wide-brimmed straw hat to shield her from the sun as well as a few tourist trinkets.

After just one day, the travel pro said: “I’ve never fallen in love with a city before but, Havana, I’m hooked.”

She then headed to a Cuban salsa class and was lucky enough to be taught by one of the world’s best salsa teachers.

The cruise aficionado quickly caught up with the steps, telling viewers she was “feeling a bit fabulous and a bit smug”.

Jane was older than some of the attendees but joked saying: “Just because there’s snow on the roof, doesn’t mean to say the fire’s gone out!”

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After leaving Havana, Jane headed to Santiago de Cuba, a city in the southeast of the Central American island.

She quickly found a party to practise her moves and joked it was “like an old-fashioned Yorkshire disco” as her hand was stamped on entry.

Jane was less impressed with a sugary drink made from the natural product that she purchased from a street vendor.

The travel pro handed the drink off to one of her crew as she explained: “I don’t really do sugar.”

Jane’s final conclusion on stunning Cuba was: “It’s fabulous, it’s vibrant, it’s sexy, it’s hot and I love it!”

Elsewhere in the episode, Gregg Wallace headed off to explore one of Italy’s top destinations, Venice.

Tony Robinson checked out a Thai paradise while Jenny Bond explored the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

Olympic high jump star, Greg Rutherford took his family on an exciting adventure to the south of France.

Holidaying with Jane Mcdonald and Friends is on Channel 5 at 2:20pm and the My5 catch-up player.

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