Kid was ‘planking’ on the plane seats mid-flight

By now we’re all acutely aware that the general population finds kids on planes problematic.

Every week there’s a story about a crying/pooping child on a flight, and their entitled parents.

How dare they make noise/smell/jump on tray tables/sit in first class.

Some who report these offenses (usually on Reddit) have a point; but some also simply can’t stomach anything that reminds them of who they once were.

And then there’s this story… which defies belief… until you see the photo.

Posting the below photo on Reddit, it was simply titled, “This kid was running up and down the aisle, and using the seats as his own personal jungle gym.”

The photo shows a child, ‘planking’ across the heads of two seats; and it almost seems impossible that it was allowed.

Child planking.
The child was planking across two headrests with seemingly no interference from his parents.

But it was – for at least as long as it took to take the photo. 

The child looks super settled there, which supports the implication that no parent/caretaker told the child to use their plane seat as God intended.

The post attracted almost two thousand comments, most of them in disbelief that this happened.

“Yell ‘CONTROL YOUR F–KING KID’ really loud,” read one suggestion.

Another could understand the parents’ thinking, writing, “The most common reason is because they gave up parenting because it is difficult to be consistent, fair, willing to repeat yourself four million times a day.”

“It’s way easier to sit there and pretend you don’t see it or hear it.”

This commenter was sick of everyone on planes: “I would pay extra for an 18+ flight. Then again, some adults act worse than children.”

And of course, other parents judged hard: “When you’re in a confined space like this you do WHATEVER YOU CAN to prevent your kids from doing this.”

“I have flown many times with my hyperactive kids, and even one with a newly walking toddler that wanted to run around to pour people’s drinks in their laps.”

“It’s harder than I thought it would be to keep them contained, and those little fu**ers make me crazy every time we fly. However, they are MY kids so it’s ok they make me crazy. They will never make other people crazy because that’s not fair.”

But we feel that the best perspective was this: “That kid is a walking talking reminder to take your birth control, wear a condom and stay safe.”

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