Man left stunned after boss demanded an upgraded seat on flight

A MAN was shocked after his boss demanded he upgrade his seat on a flight.

He asked on Reddit if he was wrong after sitting in first class, leaving his boss in economy class.

A man was stunned after his boss asked him to upgrade his seat on a plane (file image)


A man was stunned after his boss asked him to upgrade his seat on a plane (file image)1 credit

On the social networking site, he explained that they were returning home from a work conference together.

Although they were on the same flight, they were not sitting next to each other when he was offered an upgrade.

He wrote: “I fly this airline frequently and use their credit card, so I often get a free upgrade to first class, which means I got an upgrade on this flight and my boss didn’t.”

“After the flight, when we were packing our bags, she said she wanted to talk to me about my non-compliance with protocol.”

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“She thinks that since the company paid for my original ticket and she is older than me, I should have given her a seat in first class.”

But the man explained that the upgrade was made using his personal credit card.

He called his boss’ behavior “absolutely insane”, but wanted to know if he was wrong in not offering his boss his upgraded seat.

People on Reddit flooded the comments offering their support to the staff member.

One person wrote, “She’s out of line.”

Another added: “She demanded that you give her personal property, not business.”

While a third one wrote, “Boss can’t pull the rank like that from the start, and certainly not when you got the upgrade due to your personal expenses.”

Several users thought that this person should complain to their company’s HR department, but he was hesitant to go that route.

And this is not the first time that the modernization of the airline has caused conflicts between passengers.

Another man sparked controversy online after publicly denouncing his girlfriend for agreeing to a free upgrade on a flight.

The abandoned boyfriend stayed in economy class, while his partner got the chance to make the most of her airline points in a more comfortable seat.

Meanwhile, this man divided opinion when he refused to switch places with an eight-year-old girl in order to let her sit next to her mother.

Man used his personal credit card to get an upgrade


Man used his personal credit card to get an upgrade1 credit

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