Margate Beach: sandy and is there a pool to swim in?

PEOPLE who are looking forward to summer may be interested in heading to the beach in hot weather.

Margate is home to one of the most famous beaches in the UK. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Margate is a historic coastal town with interesting architecture and a thriving arts scene.


Margate is a historic coastal town with interesting architecture and a thriving arts scene.

Is Margate Beach sandy?

Many Britons are looking forward to a well-deserved break this summer.

But with the cost of living crisis and the coming chaos in air travel, finding a cheap place to stay will be a priority for many people.

While some opt for a quieter beach destination, others prefer the hustle and bustle of a British seaside city like Brighton or Margate.

Margate is a historic port city located on the coast of Kent.

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It’s full of cool cafes and shops, and even has its own world-class art gallery.

But it also has stunning natural beauty, most notably a golden sandy beach with marine activities nearby.

Margate Sands, also known as Margate Bay, is the main beach and stretches for about 200 meters.

There’s also a sandy beach at Westbrook Bay if you’re looking for a quieter spot that’s less than a mile along the coast.

Is there a pool at Margate Beach?

Good news for travelers: Margate Beach HAS a tidal pool, actually there are two!

Tide pools were built over 80 years ago to allow beachgoers to be in the sea when the tide is at different levels. Isle of Thanet News.

The beaches of Margate and Cliftonville are sloping and the range of tides was considerable, meaning that the low tide mark could be far from the waterfront.

One is on Walpole Bay and is Grade II listed and the other is on Margate Main Sands.

What else is there to do in Margate?

Dubbed Shoreditch-on-Sea, after the fashionable area of ​​East London, this artistic destination has plenty to offer, including Dreamland, one of the UK’s oldest theme parks.

Admission is free and there are rides, slot machines, street food and unique bars.

Dreamlands also hosts live music performances.

Art lovers should visit one of the city’s excellent galleries such as Turner, Turner Contemporary or the Carl Freedman Galleries.

You can also hear live music and comedy performances in the Winter Garden.

Visit to find out what’s next.

Margate’s old town is popular with tourists, but locals say the Cliftonville area has better hidden gems.

There is also strange and wonderful architecture, such as Margate’s Shell Grotto, which was discovered in 1835, although the purpose of the Grade I listed building remains unknown.

It consists of 4.6 million shells and is open to the public. advance booking recommended.

For fans of the classic indie band The Libertines, there is the Albion Rooms hotel, opened by the band in 2020.

I worked in a kindergarten, and this convinced me that I would never send my children there.
Primark customer accused of being selfish for buying up all the carpets on sale at the store

It has vintage furniture and an Apple Beats sound system.

There are also various cafes and restaurants to help you continue your exploration of this characteristic resort town.

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