My boyfriend came up with a cheeky trick to keep people from sitting next to us on the plane – we now have so much extra space.

A COUPLE revealed how they keep their middle seat empty during a flight – and it’s pumping people into TikTok.

A video posted to TikTok shows the woman moving the camera around her three-seat row, showing her partner rocking what looks like a baby wrapped in a blanket.

The video shows the user's father pretending to rock the child to free the middle seat.


The video shows the user’s father pretending to rock the child to free the middle seat.Credit: Tiktok – @olivialynne93
Video viewed 2.7 million times


Video viewed 2.7 million timesCredit: Tiktok – @olivialynne93

However, this is a trick to leave the seat free for extra seating during the flight.

Clipviewed almost 3 million times, then returns to user olivialynne93, holding her hand over her mouth to hide her amusement.

The caption to the video reads: “What will he do to keep the middle seat in the plane open.”

Many applauded the convenient life hack.

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“God, this is so smart, I have to try,” one of them commented.

Another intervened: “Fantastic! I’m pretending to be really sick!!”

Others, however, have pointed out a serious flaw in the pair’s scheme.

One user noted, “Like it would stop me if it was my seat on my boarding pass.”

In agreement, one asked, “Are there any other airlines that don’t pre-allocate seats?”

Meanwhile, one flight attendant revealed that she and her colleagues are fully aware of the TikTok carry-on hack.

Elsewhere, we’ve rounded up the little mistakes travelers make that can confuse you when boarding a flight.

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