My man said sitting with me on a flight wasn’t ‘worth’ the extra $11

Social media savages think this guy’s a total cheapskate — plane and simple.

A bummed-out brunette found herself flying solo on a romantic trip with her husband, who refused to shell out a few extra bucks to be seated next to her on the airplane. 

And now, online whistleblowers are urging the woman to “divorce” her tightfisted stiff. 

“All the couples are sitting together, but your man didn’t think it was worth paying an extra [$11] to chose [sic] a seat next to you,” griped lifestyle influencer Gamze Esen of her frugal hubby Emre in a trending TikTok post.  

In the chaotic footage, which has stockpiled a staggering 4.9 million views, Gamze, from Vienna, filmed Emre from across an airport runway as he stood in a boarding line for their flight to Italy. While others appeared to enter the plane in pairs, a penny-pinching Emre was by himself, awaiting his turn to be seated while a lonesome Gamze did the same in her own boarding line. 

Woman says husband wouldn't pay extra for an airline seat next to her.
Lifestyle influencer Gamze Esen, from Vienna, went viral after revealing that husband Emre refused to pay an extra $11 to sit next to her during a flight to Italy.
NYPost Composite

Cyber cynics weren’t shy about voicing their concerns over Emre’s money-grubbing.

“If he’s cheap in the little things he’s cheap in the big and important things,” warned a skeptical spectator in Gamze’s comments. 

“That is grounds for divorce,” advised another onlooker. Those sentiments were echoed by fear-mongers who encouraged Gamze to “run” and to “get another man ASAP.”

“Red flag” was, too, repeated by doomsayers beneath the viral vid. 

Married couple Gamze and Emre Esen, from Vienna, Austria.
Married couple Gamze and Emre Esen went viral after Gamze revealed Emre’s refusal to pay extra money to sit next to her on a flight to Italy.
TikTok / @esengamze

However, a handful of thrifty travelers backed Emre’s choice to save a couple of dollars on seating, arguing that an Italian excursion for two is too costly already for the couple to tack on additional fees. 

“If you’re traveling low cost, why would you pay those prices if you’re gonna see each other in like 2 [hours],” said a pennywise supporter. 

“That’d be absolutely fine by me. We have a whole holiday to spend together,” chimed another. 

 “Just out of principle I don’t pay extra for a seat, the flight is expensive enough,” another miser wrote.

Aircraft courtesy has become a hot-button issue on TikTok as of late. 

In February, a hotheaded husband nearly came to blows with a man who would not give up his assigned seat on a Virgin Airlines flight, forcing the angered groom and his wife to sit apart.

A similar debate erupted in June when a flyer named Tammy Nelson refused to switch seats with a mother and her kids due to her disdain for air travel’s dreaded middle seat. 

In Gamze’s case, however, despite leaving her money-hoarding honey prey to virtual vultures by exposing his cheapness, it seems she largely agreed with his cash-saving strategy. 

“It’s just unnecessary costs,” she wrote in the caption of her controversial clip.

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