My man wants to fly first class as my son sits alone in coach

Some say her boyfriend’s got a bad altitude.

A woman, 33, posted on Reddit’s “Am I The A-shole” subreddit to gauge opinions about whether or not it’s okay if she and her boyfriend of five years sit in business class while her 13-year-old son sits alone in coach — and commenters were mixed.

The mom explained that the flight would be nine hours long, and even though her boyfriend, 40, makes significantly more money than her, they split the vacation costs as well as her son’s expenses equally. 

“The problem is he does not want to let my child on to the same class on the plane as us. He thinks that my child should be grateful to be getting an international trip and just enjoy the movies and whatever other amenities there are on the flight,” she wrote in the post.

She also added that “they can pop up and visit us whenever in business class and that it’s not worth the extra cost, even if he were a millionaire.”

The mom said she finds it “weird” to sit apart from her child even if he’s “comfortable enough.”

“I’d probably prefer to downgrade my flight if [my boyfriend] is unwilling to split that specific cost. He thinks I’m being weird for wanting to make that concession and it’s not a big deal for [a] child to fly alone,” she explained. 

“So, [was I being the a-shole] or am I being a helicopter and stressing over something silly?” the mom asked before sharing her boyfriend’s reasoning. 

“He has a view where children might not appreciate the value of business class and that his parents went on business class while he flew economy on his own,” she said of her boyfriend. 

business class
A mom turned to Reddit to ask what people thought about her and her boyfriend sitting in business class while her son flies in coach.

“He absolutely wants to enjoy the business class for himself for the long haul on a nice plane. He’s fine with me sitting in economy also or bumping up my child at my own cost, even though he disagrees morally and thinks I’m being kind of silly, he would accept it,” she added.

She assured Redditors that her partner spends time with her son frequently and has spent plenty of resources on “birthdays, events and milestones” and that they have had “very few upsets.”

“Every now and then I’ve had to stick up for one or the other but I feel like that’s to be expected with blended families,” she wrote. 

Redditors flocked to the comments to express their disdain for the boyfriend. 

“I am positive I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t adore my cats, never mind someone who actively disliked my children,” one wrote.

“It’s totally playing with fire. All they need to do is read some of the recent Reddit posts where the mother ended up married to someone who didn’t want kids and dumped the child off with dad, or the mother got sick, etc. It’s a failure on the part of the parent as well. If you have a child, you are putting that child’s well-being at risk by getting involved with someone who doesn’t want to be around them,” said another.

“I see you’ve gone back in time and met all of my mother’s boyfriends. The cruelty was a feature not a bug. She loved it. This mother knows damn well how s—t this is or she wouldn’t be questioning this,” wrote a third. 

The boyfriend thinks that the experience of flying business class would be wasted on a child.
The boyfriend thinks that the experience of flying business class would be wasted on a child.

Others didn’t see the issues with sitting separately. 

“No way in hell would my parents have ever paid for us to fly business class. Once on a trip when my brother and I were both middle grade, but I certainly wasn’t 13, my dad got upgraded while flying [with] just us to England and he LEAPT to the front of the plane. But I am Gen X and that was so standard, “ someone wrote.

“I can’t imagine sitting apart from my kids now, but they’re 9 and 7. When they’re teenagers? I think I’d ditch them for a free upgrade too. (Depending on how they feel about it, obvi. Not sure my older son would feel ok.),” she added.

“Don’t be stupid… a parent who flies business while their kids fly economy is hardly ‘s—-‘. What a dumb position to take,” said another. 

“He’s a teenager not a little kid. He’s going to have his earbuds in and snooze the whole time anyway. I agree that the cost of the business class experience would be wasted on him. Plus, once you fly first class, it’s real hard to cram yourself into the back of the plane in the future. Maybe that’s something you work up to when you get a job and can pay for it yourself,” wrote a third. 

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