Passenger slams major airline for ‘unsatisfactory’ and simple in-flight meals

An enraged customer criticized a major airline after being served ONE in-flight meal.

Chris Chari was very disappointed when the flight attendant gave her only a banana for the main course.

One banana was the main vegan meal aboard a Japan Airlines flight.


One banana was the main vegan meal aboard a Japan Airlines flight.1 credit

It was a vegan option aboard a Japan Airlines flight, leaving passengers like Chris completely furious and starving.

She expressed her disbelief on a forum called Leaflet Discussion and wrote: “I mistakenly assumed she meant that there was a banana for breakfast.

“When she served a banana after takeoff, I thought it was just an unpleasant snack, but in fact it was a full meal.

“It was a really good banana – one of the best I’ve had in a while – but it still seems more appropriate as a snack.

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“Lunch consisted of lightly seasoned spaghetti, and my food on other Japan Airlines flights was also bad, but this time there was nothing so inconsequential.

“However, it was nice of the crew to serve the bananas with chopsticks.”

This is due to the fact that hundreds of passengers are disappointed in their on-board food.

Including one British Airways customer who was outraged by the sandwiches given to him.

Rafal Smash, 42, who flew from London Heathrow Airport to Frankfurt on a £520 flight, shared on Twitter a photo of his “greasy” sandwich served in a crumpled paper bag.

He wrote: “We are all aware of Covid and certain restrictions, but if you charge the same price for a business class ticket as before the lockdown, do you really think that this can be acceptable for serving food in business class?”

“I was at a loss. To be honest, the sandwich bought on the Ryanair trolley bus looks better,” he later added.

“The brown bag was dingy and oily, and the sandwich looked like it had been squashed.

“I understand that the coronavirus imposes certain restrictions on the work with food, but it is beneficial, but standard business class prices are charged.”

Stuart Cunningham of Aberdeen had a similar complaint after shelling out £420 for his flight from London to Warsaw.

He shared a photo of his “substandard” chicken sandwich and complained to the airline.

The 35-year-old said: “I thought it was frankly embarrassing for the crew to serve a sandwich that was in a brown bag covered in grease.

“Their goal to protect passengers from COVID is commendable and their planes are much cleaner.

“However, when you see flight attendants preparing hot meals for pilots, which are served on appropriate plates with proper cutlery, it makes you wonder why, if full service is good for flight crew, it is not good for paying passengers.”

An EasyJet passenger was horrified when he was served the “worst airline meal”.

Alex was flying from Paris to London Gatwick and paid £7 for a meal of grilled vegetables and a hummus baguette and a bottle of water.

But he couldn’t believe his eyes when the stewardess served up a sandwich with a small topping, just five tiny pieces of pepper and two slices of eggplant.

Last week, he shared the video on social media, writing: “Is this the worst airplane food and commercial you have ever seen?

Speaking later, Alex added: “At first I didn’t believe it. This is what you hear about airplane food. I spoke to the crew and asked for another sandwich.

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“The stewardess told me not to be surprised and that photographs rarely reflect reality. They gave me another one and it was almost as bad.”

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