Passport rules for British tourists holidaying in Spain, Portugal, France and rest of EU

Can British tourists claim on insurance if their new passport is delayed due to the strikes?

Kevin Pratt, travel expert at Forbes Advisor, said: “Unfortunately, it is highly likely that your travel insurance will not provide cover if you do not have a valid passport when you’re due to travel. Insurers say it is the traveller’s responsibility to have all the required paperwork, and they don’t make allowances for the disruption caused by a strike.

“Equally, you won’t have any recourse from your airline if you have to cancel your flight – they’ll tell you the matter is out of their control and, as such, it is not their responsibility.”

I need to renew my passport for a holiday

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO of The Advantage Travel Partnership, said: “Our advice to travellers, should they need passports or to renew existing ones, is to action these as soon as possible to minimise any disruption to their travel plans.

“We urge the government and the unions to find a way of dealing with this dispute urgently to ensure that it doesn’t affect British travellers and impact the outbound travel industry.”

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