People love this passenger who brought his bed to the airport and took a nap when the flight was delayed.

The MAN was filmed using an ingenious method to pass the time at airports, which can come in handy for passengers when their flights are delayed.

Last summer, the chaos of travel in the UK resulted in many people having to wait in airport departure lounges, but this man was not in the mood for that.

The man was caught setting up a


The man was caught setting up a “lounge” in an airport lounge.Credit: Tiktok/emilygrainey

Instead, he brought his own inflatable sofa as hand luggage and set it up in the middle of the airport.

The audience couldn’t believe what they were seeing, one of them took out his phone to film the scenes.

Emily Graney’s Tiktoker@emilygrainey) watched and captured the moment, sharing it online.

IN videoshe said, “This dude really brought his inflatable sofa as a ‘sequel’ and set up his own private living room at our gate.”

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She couldn’t help but be impressed with his idea, adding, “You, sir, are an icon.”

Most of the two million people who watched the video agreed, and many wished they had been blessed with such foresight.

One wrote: “With all the recent travel issues… this is nothing short of genius.”

Another said, “This man is smart, if you ask me. Yesterday I fell asleep on the floor at the airport and now everything hurts.”

A third added: “I had a 6 hour layover in Chicago yesterday, I would love to book one, the chairs were incredibly uncomfortable.”

Despite the fact that many people try to take a nap in a busy departure lounge, some airports have banned vacationers from sleeping at night.

According to MirrorPlaces like London, Stansted, Manchester and Heathrow have some of the toughest sleep rules in place.

If you have to sleep at the airport due to a flight delay or cancellation, find out if the airline must provide you with an overnight stay.

For those of us who are not allowed to sleep or bring air beds with us, the travel experts at Airport parking reservation collect their top tips on what to do if your flight is delayed.

They recommend investing in travel insurance that covers travel delays.

They also say airport purchase receipts should be kept, as passengers may try to claim money from the airline later if they are delayed long enough.

Those who cannot leave the airport because their delay will not be as long can take the time to explore the airport’s amenities.

Some have things like spas, beauty salons, and even movie theaters to pass the time.

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Here’s how you can claim compensation if your flight is delayed.

Meanwhile, these passengers are stuck at the airport for two days.

Emily couldn't believe what she saw at the airport.


Emily couldn’t believe what she saw at the airport.Credit: Tiktok/emilygrainey

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