Photos | Rocks outside hide the fortress inside

CHitradurga Fort is known locally as Kallina kote (Stone Fortress) because of its ramparts made of heavy granite blocks.


Photo: K Murali Kumar

Chitradurga Fort in Chitradurga District is a major tourist attraction in central Karnataka.


Photo: K Murali Kumar

Tourists pay the entrance fee by scanning a QR code at the entrance of Chitradurga Fortress.


Photo: K Murali Kumar

Entrance to Fort Chitradurga


Photo: K Murali Kumar

The steps of the fortress are imposing and give a good idea of ​​the daunting task that awaits visitors.


Photo: K Murali Kumar

Thanks to the imposing rocks, people outside may not even notice the fort’s existence.


Photo: K Murali Kumar

But once inside Fort Chitradurga, visitors are in for a feast for the eyes. Let yourself be surprised!


Photo: K Murali Kumar

Visitors must rely on canopies along the route for respite from the sun’s relentless gaze.


Photo: K Murali Kumar

The rocks will alternately impress and depress a visitor. Prepare for a tough hike.


Photo: K Murali Kumar

If you don’t look closely, you will most likely miss the waters within the fort. I told you there would be surprises!


Photo: K Murali Kumar

I hope you brought your camera


Photo: K Murali Kumar

Ramparts of the fortress, with a body of water in the background. The fortress is known locally as kallina kote (stone fortress) as its ramparts are made of heavy granite blocks.


Photo: K Murali Kumar

Bird’s-eye view of the fortress


Photo: k Murali Kumar

The Chitradurga Fort is now overshadowed by the city below, but the latter fails to inspire even the awe inspired by the fort’s ramparts.

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