Rollercoaster rider splashed with vomit in wild clip

Splash mountain?

A thrill-seeker’s rollercoaster ride went horribly awry after his fellow passenger threw up on him while the cars were rocketing around a bend, as seen in a now-viral video with 11.4 million views on TikTok.

The “corkspew” incident reportedly occurred while Darwin Pineda and an unnamed buddy were at an unidentified theme park (Disney Hurled?) in Venezuela.

In the selfie footage, shot by Pineda, the young man and his pal are all smiles as the coaster is about to liftoff.

At one point, he even flashes hand signals at the camera in anticipation of what he surely thought was going to be a thrilling time.

However, little did Pineda know, a fellow passenger’s insides were about to do a loop de loop.

As the coaster plunges, what appears to be vomit suddenly splatters the daredevil in the face — with some of it going into his mouth, like the splash effect of some grotesque log flume ride.

Pineda smile quickly morphs into a look of horror as he frantically tries to wipe the spew away.

Darwin Pineda.
Darwin Pineda was all smiles at the beginning of the ride, unaware that he was about to experience the a-puke-alypse.
Jam Press Vid

Pineda and an unidentified pal.
Pineda and his unidentified pal prepare for takeoff.
Jam Press Vid

The identity of the rollercoaster ralpher remains unclear.

However, the a-puke-alyptic moment made an impression on TikTok with one aghast gawker exclaiming “I even felt the smell.”

Another wrote, “I swear I’ve always had that fear.”

“It happens to me and the vomit war breaks out,” quipped a third, seemingly referencing the iconic chain puking scene from the 1986 classic movie “Stand By Me.”

Pineda after getting vomited on.
Jam Press Vid

Pineda winces while getting spewed upon.
The identity of the rollercoaster ralpher is unclear.
Jam Press Vid

While certainly disgusting, Pineda’s pukey plight paled in comparison to some other coaster calamities that’ve befallen unlucky riders of late.

Last month, a 6-year-old boy was hospitalized with “traumatic injuries” after falling off a rollercoaster in Kissimmee, Florida.

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