TCM’s Alicia Malone on great movies that use their locations brilliantly

Alicia Malone

purple afternoon A beautiful-looking film with cinematography by Henri Decay, one of the leading cinematographers of the French New Wave. It’s not technically a French New Wave film, but a very beautiful and (laughs). boring Movie to watch, directed by René Clement. The story can be learned from people talented Mr. Ripley, the movie that came out shortly after, because it’s based on the same Patricia Highsmith novel. But what I love about this version in particular is seeing the Mediterranean and Italy in the 1960s.

Movies can be little time capsules. Not only can we travel to other countries virtually, but we can travel to other countries at other times. And this time to see Italy through my nostalgic rose colored glasses – so rich, classic, beautiful, one of a kind beautiful life Life The Tom Ripley character, played by the fantastic Alain Delon (pictured right), is sucked into the world he wants to be a part of. You can really see why, because it looks so beautiful onscreen just lazing in the sun, on the beach, by the sea and by the water. Then, of course, the story takes a rather boring turn, but it still makes me want to go and see.

Throughout my life, I’ve felt nostalgic for times and places I’ve never been a part of, but wish I had. One of the reasons why I love watching classic films is to visit these places through these beautiful movies. and its cinematography purple afternoonThat’s what makes it exceptional, I think.

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