The passenger is outraged by the rude behavior of the passenger during the flight

A PASSENGER was stunned after a person who was next to her in flight brought something very strange on board.

It’s not uncommon for people to annoy others on planes, but a recent passenger tested the limits of his flight mates’ patience by making a completely bizarre decision.

The passenger was photographed with a full set of ribs and sides in flight


The passenger was photographed with a full set of ribs and sides in flightCredit: Twitter/LannaTolland

One of the main things that can annoy other passengers is bringing smelly or unpleasant foods on board.

However, this man stunned the other people on board his flight by opening a pizza box filled with spare ribs and several toppings.

The man sat next to the hungry passenger Lanna Tolland (@lannatolland), took to Twitter to share her disbelief at what was happening.

Sharing a photo of her neighbor’s snack, she tweeted, “There’s no chance the guy next to me will eat a full basket of ribs plus sides on this plane.”

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Her tweet he has since been seen over five million times, and many people have been similarly stunned by the man’s food choices.

One suggested sending him “straight to jail”, while another said it was “disgusting behavior”.

A third added: “There is a list of products that are prohibited from being sold at the airport.”

However, for all the people who weren’t happy with the man’s behavior, others were really impressed.

One person said, “He’s my new hero.”

Another simply wrote: “Legend”.

Flight attendants have previously intervened in this dispute, and one of them showed what products passengers should not take with them on planes.

Shani Peralta, a flight attendant and member of the Flight Attendant Association-CWA, spoke about her top tips for passengers and what people should and shouldn’t take on a plane for food.

Shani, who worked for a regional carrier between the US and the Caribbean, said New Zealand Herald: “A small minority of people bring food on board, but there are delinquents who like to bring egg salad or tuna sandwiches.”

There is also one food that is so spicy that almost every airline won’t allow it on their planes.

Durian is quite popular in some Asian cuisines, but it is banned on airplanes.

In fact, most carriers won’t even let you carry fruit in your checked baggage if the smell of it seeps into the cabin.

China Southern Airlines, which operates some flights for British Airways, specifically puts fruit on its banned item list because of its bad smell.

They are not the only ones, the Air New Zealand website states: “Durian fruit cannot be carried on the person, in carry-on or checked baggage.”

In accordance with New Zealand thingsOnly low-cost Philippine airline Cebu Pacific says it allows passengers to carry fruit on board as long as it is stored in the hold and not in the cabin.

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Their website states, “Odorous or foul-smelling fruits (such as durian) are only accepted as checked baggage.”

And this passenger was fined for eating stinky eggs while waiting for a flight.

Passengers were shocked by how the man chose a snack on the plane.


Passengers were shocked by how the man chose a snack on the plane.Credit: Getty – Contributor

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