This is the best seat to get some sleep on a plane

Long-haul flights can be a challenge for even the most seasoned travelers, particularly when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

We do everything in our power to get some shut-eye, from popping sleeping tablets to going full hibernation mode and covering ourselves in blankets.

But the question remains: Is there a way to guarantee you’ll get a good sleep on a plane?

According to an Etihad flight attendant, Lieche Klaasens, maybe!

“It gives you a solid wall to lean against”

According to Klaasens, the secret all lies in the seat selection.

Apparently, choosing one particular seat will “minimize disruptions” on the flight and create a calm environment for your snooze. 

Some believe the best seat requires a wall to lean on without many distractions.
Some believe the best seat requires a wall to lean on without many distractions.
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So what is it? “Personally, I always opt for a window seat because it provides a solid wall to lean against and minimizes disruptions from other guests,” she tells 9Honey.

The window provides a sturdy surface for your head and upper body, making it easier to find a comfortable sleeping position. No more awkward head positions or slumping in your seat!

Choosing the right clothing can also make it easier to relax, according to Klaasens. She emphasizes the importance of wearing comfortable, loose, and breathable clothing and avoid things like jeans and rigid jackets.

She also encourages passengers not to shy away from sleeping aids on offer like eye shades that help block out the artificial light on planes. 

Your pre-sleep routine also matters

Another flight attendant, Erin Gibson from the UK, also weighed in with her own tips for sleeping in the air and it all comes down to creating the perfect pre-sleep routine.

“Pick some movies or TV shows to watch to pass the time, make sure to stretch your legs when you can and get comfortable with some socks, an eye mask and a blanket.

“Read your favourite book, which will help you to feel more tired and have a nap onboard,” she explains.

Finally, Aussie flight attendant, Claire Smalhorn also shared her tips for optimising comfort on board. She recommends carrying a personal water bottle and opting for herbal tea over coffee or alcohol. 

She adds: “If you can, meditate as much as possible (it will really help with your body’s readjustment to your final destination).”

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