Traveler shames fellow flyers who don’t exit by row: ‘Biggest pet peeve’

The airline etiquette police are at it again.

While debates over reclining and swapping seats on a plane are not uncommon on TikTok, one user has created a stir by putting passengers who don’t exit row by row on blast.

Earlier this month, Mikayla, who posts on TikTok as @mickeyyyt, posted a now-viral video about the topic, highlighting the proper way to exit the plane.

In the footage, Mikayla filmed herself and her friend in their seats, panning over the aisle where there was a line of people next to them, all coming from rows behind them.

The long line of passengers, who were waiting to get off the flight, also appeared to extend toward the back of the plane.

She then looks exasperatedly back at the camera as she and her friend shake their heads.

“Aren’t we all going to the same place?!?!” she wrote in the caption.

Screenshot TikTok of passengers lining up on plane.
The poster was irked by the passengers jumping the line.

Mikayla wasn’t the only person up in arms about the exit strategy of the majority of the passengers. More than 3 million people have eyed the video.

“My biggest pet peeve,” one user wrote, while another added: “I will get off when it’s my row! I will get in front of them.”

Others pointed out it could be for a reason.

“I used to get annoyed until I had a layover that gave me 5 minutes to get to my next flight,” one user argued.

“You’re not all going to the same place. Some people have connecting flights to make,” agreed another. “Always let the rush go if I don’t have a connection.”

Airline etiquette is often debated online.

In June, TikToker Ben Keenan posted a video saying he believes it is “disgusting” for a passenger to take off their shoes and you should always check behind you before reclining your seat.

Keenan, from Seattle, Washington, added that passengers in the aisle seat must ensure all their body parts and belongings are out of the way when flight attendants come through the aircraft with food and drink carts.

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