World’s first 3-year cruise announced – and it could cost less than land-based rentals

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World’s first 3-year round-the-world cruise open for bookings

Ambitious journey under control Life on a cruisewill travel over 130,000 miles and visit 375 ports in 135 countries on seven continents.

With the recent move to remote working, the cruise allows guests to live, work and explore from a single base.

The MV Gemini, with 400 cabins and a capacity of 1,074 passengers, will depart Istanbul on November 1 with stops in Barcelona and Miami.

Guests can visit 13 of the 14 wonders of the world on what they call “the first reasonably priced round the world cruise for just $29,999 (£24,926) per year.”

This unique opportunity to travel the world costs less than £70 per day and can cost less than a land-based rental.

The fee includes access to all restaurants and alcoholic beverages at dinner, a state-of-the-art wellness center, sundeck and pool, high-speed internet access, entertainment, “enrichment workshops” and housekeeping.

The ship will also have a 24-hour emergency hospital with free medical visits.

Digital nomads can take advantage of the onboard business center, which includes meeting rooms, 14 offices, a lounge and a business library.

“Professionals need the connectivity, convenience and functionality they need to get the job done. No other cruise offers this kind of flexibility to its customers,” says Mikael Petterson, Managing Director of Life at Sea Cruises.

And if you feel homesick, friends and family are allowed to visit for free.

Life at Sea Cruises Sales and Marketing Director Irina Strembitskaya said: “Life at Sea Cruises offers the best wish list cruise without having to sacrifice the comforts of home.

“This is your home at sea, and the whole world is your backyard.”

This is not the only cruise company serving guests who want to change land to sea for a longer period.

Storylines The story ship bills itself as a “floating city” where cruisers can live and travel full-time.

Due to sail in 2024, the ship is selling units to cruisers who want to relocate to the open sea.

Narrative plans to circumnavigate the globe every 1,000 days, stopping at each port for several nights. Residents will be able to leave the main ship via a graceful “harbour” at the stern, where they can board small boats or jet skis to explore.

Apartments on the ship start at £300,000 on 12 or 24-year leases, with the most luxurious purchase costing up to £6 million.

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