You can fly your broomstick (or vacuum cleaner) to see “Hocus Pocus 2” filming locations.

Thirty-nine years after the last light of the Black Flame candle, the new movie Hocus Pocus 2 Satan resurrects the Sanderson sisters (played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Nazimi) for another round of wicked witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts.

That’s where the story is set anyway. The original 1993 film shot several scenes in that witch-hunting-Halloween-obsessed town outside of Boston (come on, little ones, and check out our roundup of filming locations for that movie). But the sequel, Set to premiere on Disney+ on September 30Filmed on location in Rhode Island in fall 2021.

“Yes, Salem, we’re back!” Midler raves about the trailer. But thanks to Hollywood magic, the trio actually runs amok, amok, amok in and around Providence, Newport, and elsewhere.

Here are some Rhode Island locations from the new movie that you can see in real life Come on, let’s fly!

In Lincoln

Chase Farm ParkLocated about 7 miles north of Providence, some of the woods were used for footage and, additionally, film crews built a set here that stood in for 17th-century Salem. The old-time structures have since been taken down, though the park Hosting a fall festival October is his celebration cheat Connect with live music, costume contests and other forms of magical fun.

in Newport

The trailer shows the exterior of the Salem Magic Shop as another temporary facade—it occupies an empty lot. 51 Touro Street In Newport, the waterfront town is best known among travelers for its yacht-dotted harbor and grand Gilded Age mansions.

But the city’s architecture from earlier eras gets the spotlight Hocus Pocus 2. 18th century Old colonial houseOnce the meeting place of Rhode Island’s colonial legislature, it serves as the backdrop for a concert stage in the film.

According to Newport’s tourism office, the three witches perform the Blondie hit “One Way or the Other” in front of the building. Apparently it’s the sequel’s answer to Midler’s immortal rendition of “I Put a Spell on You.”

Old Colony House is located in Newport Washington Squarewhich the filmmakers transformed into the setting of the Salem Square Fest carnival.

Colony House Newport(Old Colony House in Newport, Rhode Island Credit: Wangkun Jia/Shutterstock)

in Providence

last fall, Brown University students said Shooting foggy, ghostly scenes Cook Streetwhen Providence Journal sure Filming is in progress Benefit Street In the historic College Hill neighborhood.

Includes a scene of fan-favorite Billy Butcherson (Doug Jones) resurrecting from the grave at the end of the trailer (“Stop! I’m a good zombie!”). Newman Congregational Church In the background, indicates that Billy is interred at Lakeside-Carpenter Cemetery in East Providence.

Newman Church Providence(Newman Congregational Church in East Providence, Rhode Island Credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel, via Wikimedia Commons)

For the record, Rhode Island Monthly by observing The Walgreen’s that appears onscreen is located at 135 Pittman Street.

Other Providence sites include two schools—La Salle Academy and Moses Brown School—as well as the Atwells Avenue and Cranston Street Armories in the Federal Hill area, chosen for their ceilings high enough to house flying witches. (Note, however, that Nazim’s Mary Sanderson has modernized her mode of transportation, trading in her flying upright vacuum cleaner for a pair of Roombuses.)

Especially for the dedicated Sanderson Stance, completing one cheat Pilgrimages are easy to make by adding visits to key movie filming locations—Salem is just 70 miles north of Providence and less than 2 hours by car or 3 hours by train. Our original Salem site tour cheat Once there it will show you where to go.

Hocus Pocus 2 Debuts Friday, September 30 on Disney+.

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